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"Help!...I'm on a Budget!!"
Todays Brides are definitely "Hands-On"!  To this end, we have created a "Do It Yourself" option for you and your "helpers".....Here is the "411" on the D.I.Y. plan:
1.  Call us to set up a Wedding Flower Consultation....Please let us know that you are interested in our D.I.Y. option, that way we will know how much time to allow for your consultation.
2.  We will price the flowers for the D.I.Y. portion of your wedding as "bulk" flowers and price the remaining flowers that we are doing separately.
3.  You may bring in supplies and/or your own floral containers, or purchase supplies from us, and/or rent our containers. 
We offer a wide variety of vase rentals to make your wedding reception even more economical.
4.  No flowers or greens from any outside source are allowed to brought in - all bulk flowers and greens must be purchased from us @ our wholesale prices.
5.  All D.I.Y. flowers are to be done between 9am and 2pm either the day before or two days before your wedding. (We suggest 2 days before - it's less stress on you.)
6.  There is no charge to use our facility, design tables, tools, cooler, and personal instruction as long as you are purchasing all your wedding flowers from us. (this is only fair of course.) Let us have the mess, and use our cooler to store your finished products!
7.  We will instruct you how to do one of each of your chosen D.I.Y. items - boutonniers, simple corsages, simple reception table centerpieces, pew bows/flowers, etc.
We do not instruct on bridal bouquets, bridesmaids, large church decorations (like albras), etc.
8. We put the proto-type - that we make to instruct you with (now, one is done) in front of you , and you will then have a visual sample to look at.....then you and your "helpers" (we suggest Bridesmaids, Moms, Aunts etc.) can have fun making the rest! 
Don't forget the camera for fun candid "flower-making" shots!  Please limit your group to 6-8 helpers, as things can get a little confusing for you when to many "cooks are in the kitchen". 
9.  Once all your D.I.Y items are complete, put them in our cooler, and we will deliver them with the rest of your wedding flowers! 
This keeps all your fresh flowers at the proper temperature until you are ready for them the day of your wedding.
10.  If you should choose to do Bridal Bouquets, BridesMaids Bouquets, Large Church Ceremony decorations, etc. you will need to have previous design experience....we do not instruct on these items. 
We only instruct on simple corsages, boutonniers, simple reception table centerpieces, and pew bows/flowers....if you have a family member that is a florist, or used to be a florist, then you are welcome to do all of your own flowers - but we do not instruct on any items in this case, and you need only to give us a list of the flowers and greens you wish to purchase.
For even more savings, click on our "Borrowed Brides" catagory!!! 

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