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Wedding Flowers:  
Tips from start to finish:
What would a wedding be without the beauty and romance of flowers? They create that pleasing visual backdrop and atmosphere of aromatic delight. Yes, you've been dreaming about it, but now it's time to get down to the practicalities that will make your dream come true. If you read on, you can avoid something that should be pleasurable and sensual from becoming downright cumbersome and grueling.
Take a look at our most frequently asked questions:

Who/What exactly do I need flowers for?

You will need personal flowers, i.e. bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the groom, father of the bride and groom, groomsmen, and corsages for mother of the bride and groom.

Ceremony flowers - whether it's a wedding in the home or a place of worship.

Reception flowers - usually includes centerpieces for tables, guest book table and possibly the cake table.

What's the average cost for wedding flowers?

The "average" total cost for wedding flowers can range between $500 - $1,200 dollars.

When do I need to see for my florist?

If you know your wedding date, start shopping 6-12 months ahead of time.

Where and how do I begin?

Begin by gathering your ideas. Start collecting pictures of flowers and color schemes from bridal, home & garden and food magazines. Of course the internet can be a great inspiration for ideas as well. Try looking at wallpaper or fabric books. They have wonderful ideas for color palettes.

Now you go armed and prepared. Remember your wish collection of flowers and colors? Bring in everything you've got. Don't worry if you're stuck on ideas. We will know how to draw out your likes and dislikes. Our job is to guide you, not to bowl you over with ideas that don't suit your personality and overall desires, not to mention budget.

Help! We're on a tight budget. How can we save money?

There are a few ways to make money. Here are some hints:

-Choose blooms that are in season (for your wedding date).

-Ask ahead of time how the flowers can be used for both ceremony and reception sites. This way, they're not just used for one hour.Ask a friend to transport them and place them appropriately at the reception site. 

-Don't put flowers in every nook and cranny. It isn't necessary. Put your most expensive arrangements where you want to make the biggest impression or where they will be seen the most.

Use lots of greenery, alone or with filler flower or bows. Bows may even be used alone. Greenery with tulle looks very romantic!

-Choose smaller bouquets. Gone are the days where the bouquet is practically all you see when the bride walks down the aisle. Besides, they cover up the dress and are very heavy. By the end of ceremony, your goal is not to feel like you've had a great work-out.

General Tips:

Centerpieces - If you want your guests to be able to see each other across the table, the centerpieces should either be above or below eye level, or about 14 inches.

Boutonnieres - are worn on the left side of lapel.

Do it Yourself:

If you are so inclined to do-it-yourself, go to our “D.I.Y” category and "click" for guidelines.

We also offer fresh cut flowers, direct from the grower at more affordable prices.

Why is a low centerpiece less money than an elevated centerpiece?

The reason a low centerpiece is less expensive is because there are a lot less flowers used to make the arrangements and it takes our designers less time to produce them.  

 What happens if there is a ceremony before mine at the church?

We wait for the church to be cleared and then we start to prepare to set up for your ceremony.  

Can you pick up the church flowers and bring them to the reception hall?

Yes, we can provide that service for you, however there will be an additional charge because time is always a factor.  

How long will it take to decorate the outside and inside of my wedding?

Depending on your order, for small arrangements and bows we give ourselves anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. For larger orders such as archways and trellises we estimate an hour to two hours. But it all depends on your order.  

Do you make the centerpieces the same day as the wedding?

We arrange the centerpieces the night before the event. They are kept refrigerated and watered the entire night and are well cared for.  

Why do I have to view my bridal bouquet the day before the wedding?

We would like you to view your bouquet the day before just so if there are any little “tweaks” you would want to make we have the time to alter the bouquet to your liking.  

Will my centerpieces look great till the end of the reception?

Yes, we pride ourselves in caring for our flowers. Your centerpieces will look great throughout your reception and is expected to last several days after your event.  

What happens if a guest takes/or breaks a stand/vase?

If one of your guests happens to leave your event with one of our stands/vases you will be responsible for the charges to replace that stand/vase.    

Do my centerpieces need to match my bridesmaid’s dresses?

Not necessarily, this is your special day so whatever you feel you want for your event we strive to help you achieve that with our professional guidance.  

When do I have to pay my balance?

The final balance is due 60 days before your event.   This allows us to “pre-book” your flowers and give you the best possible price.

In the event of a cancellation/date change, what is your policy?

In an event of cancellation/date change, your deposit will be held for up to 1yr., and is applied towards your future wedding date.   After the expiration date of 1yr., your deposit is non-refundable.  Your deposit holds your wedding date, and therefore we turn other weddings away, so in all fairness, we cannot refund your deposit.

Can I swag tulle down the isle of the church?

Yes, but we must get permission from the church to do so and we would be happy to provide you with that service, and supply you with an estimate of cost.  

 Do you supply crystals for the bouquets?

Yes we do, however you may bring your own to personalize your bouquet and we will place them in for you.  Feathers, however, need to be supplied by you.

Is there an additional charge (rental fee) for the stands/vases that hold the centerpieces?

We do offer a large selection of stands/vases for a small rental fee, and you will need to return them within 4 days of your event.  

Also, The Flower Factory owns a vast majority of stands/vases which require no fee (see our “Borrowed Bride” section).  However, if you want to give away your centerpieces at the end of your reception, then you will want to bring us in your own containers, or we can use “throw-away” containers. 

Can you use fabric from the bridesmaids dress to wrap the bouquets?

Yes, of course. We try to assist you in any way we can to make your visions reality.  

If I supply the candles for my tables will you put them out?

Yes, we will be more than happy to place the candles on the tables for you.  

Will my bridal bouquet stain my gown?

The flowers will not stain your gown; however you need to be conscious of the darker flowers.  

How do I book you as my wedding florist?

After your initial consultation and you are happy with your proposal a deposit of $100.00 is required to hold your date.   Your final balance is due 30 days before your wedding day.

Can I incorporate a keepsake (like grandmas hankie or moms brooch) into my wedding bouquet?

Most certainly.  We strive to make your wedding day the happiest and most memorable day ever, and realize that treasured family heirlooms uniquely reflect your lifestyle and personality, and are honored to incorporate them into your wedding.  Just be sure to have these items in a bag or box with your name and wedding date clearly marked on them, and brought to us @ your finalization.

If I want to make changes to my plan, what is the last day I am allowed to do that?

We realize things don’t always go as expected, and are happy to make changes to your wedding flower plan up to your finalization day – 60 days prior  to your wedding date.  However, keep in mind that changes do effect your final total, and will change the amount you owe. 

If you need to add flowers past your 60 day deadline, we are happy to figure those flowers separately, and you may pay for those additions as you go. 

If you need to cancel flowers past your 60 day deadline, we cannot cancel them, because they are already ordered, and we have to honor our order.  In most cases, we can incorporate them into your wedding elsewhere.

Can you change the color of my flowers if I am not happy with the shade they grow in?

Mother Nature can be unforgiving sometimes, but we try to overcome her errors. 

A lot of things affect the color of flowers – rain, sun, wind, season, etc.   So, that being said, matching colors exactly to materials, photographs, silk flowers, someone’s eyes (oh yes, we have those requests too), isn’t always possible.  We do however have a floral tint that can be applied to some degree to help change the color/hue of the flowers.  Just remember, the natural beauty of the flowers color is usually the best way to go.  We don’t grow the flowers, we just design the bouquets, and so please understand there is only so much we can do....controlling Mother Nature is quite impossible.   

The tint does not smell or stain.

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