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What/Who is a "Basement Betty"???? 
In the Floral Industry there is a term Professional Floral Shops/Designers use for "designers" operating in their homes (not a retail brick and mortar building) -typically in their basements or garages - they are known as "Basement Betty". 
Most of these "designers" are free-lancers whom could not make it in the Retail Floral Industry, due to lack of talent, finances, or a bad reputations.  Granted, there are some retired Professional Florist doing beautiful weddings out of their homes, and they do a wonderful job, - but those are few and far between!  BE CAREFUL!!!
So, what's the big deal? ............Well, on one of the most important days in your life, don't trust the important details of your wedding to someone who may not be qualified to take care of you in a professional manner.   We have heard story after story - (yes, right here in Wichita) - about some of these "designers", and they are sad! 
One Bride never got her flowers on the day of her wedding, because the "florist" (a very well known "Basement Betty" here in town) FORGOT to make them!  When the Manager of the Venue this Bride was using called the "in-home" (Basement Betty) florist, the answer was, "oops!" - tell the Bride I will give her a full refund"- are you kidding???? 
The Bride wanted her flowers, not the $$$ days AFTER her wedding! 
The quick thinking Venue Manager went outside and picked some flowers from the landscaping for the Bride to hold for her pictures - how sad. 
This is only one of several incidents we know of.  Don't be that Bride!  Your pictures are all about you, your dress, and your flower bouquet!   "Don't get caught in the Basement with Betty!!"
So,Why choose a Retail Florist/Shop over a
 "In Home/Residential" Based Business???
Here's our thoughts:
The security of using a "Store-Front" Floral Shop, like The Flower Factory, is "Peace of Mind"  in a very busy, and stressful time during your wedding planning............you can be assured that we are Licensed, Insured, and located in a Business Zoned area within Wichita's City guidelines - Unlike a "Home-Based Business" located in a residential area and not designated by the City of Wichita as Commercial Property, therefore running the risk of being forced to close down on what could be your big day!! 
Play it safe both for yourself and your most important day! 
At the Flower Factory, we provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in our Wedding Consultation Loft with books, pictures, and examples of our work. 
Unfortunately, visiting/consulting in someone's "home-based business" can be very distracting with all the unpleasant sounds, smells, sights, etc. - and the risk of being in an unfamiliar neighborhood..........some are down right scary!! 
(Several local "in home florists" are also cutting hair and breeding dogs as well as doing floral consultations - alot to manage!!...................)
We are focused on one thing - Flowers!
We want you to be comfortable, take your time, and feel at ease with your surroundings.....being in a professional environment lets you know that we take your wedding as serious as you do!
 Are you thinking that doing business with a Florist located in their home might save you money??  Unfortunately, the opposite is usually true! 
At The Flower Factory, we have the advantage of volume buying...which inturn saves you $$$ and gives you lots more choices!!  Our cooler is always full with beautiful flowers to see and smell everyday!
At The Flower Factory we have 9 designers on staff - which gives you the advantage of several styles and ideas to choose from...........................Not just one point of view and one style like that of an "In home" florist whom only employs themselves.........doing things their way, not always open to other options, and ideas.
You will get lots of additional expertise, ideas and design choices @ The Flower Factory!
Come on by any Friday and take a peek @ our Weddings in process - (usually at least 5or6 to view) - and see for yourself which style you like the best!  We love our Brides!!
Retail/Storefront Floral Shops are equiped with "Commercial" Floral Coolers which house flowers @ optimum temperatures and humidity. 
In-home businesses usually operate with "Display Coolers" which are made for temporarily housing floral arrangements for display purposes only -short term.........not for storing large volumes of flowers day to day.
At the Flower Factory, our giant Walk-In cooler (which is 20ft x 35ft) is equiped with all the Floral Industry Specifications for optimum Floral Longevity.........your flowers will be fresher and healthier and the most beautiful they can be to compliment you and your beauty! 
In closing, don't be fooled into thinking that using a "home-based" residental business will save you money, time, and aggrevation - it just might be the thing that could actually cost you more money, more time and alot of aggrevation!!
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