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Let's talk Wedding Themes!  It's fun and trendy to have a Wedding Theme, or even several Themes for your Wedding Day!  Here are just a few ideas to get you off and running, and you will find that having a theme makes your wedding day even more memorable for you and your guests!
1920's,  Vintage,  Hollywood Glam,  Shabby Chic,  Cinderella/Fairytale,
Renaissance/Medieval,  Romeo and Juliet,  Hillbilly Rock,  Victorian,
Winter Wonderland,  Mid Summers Night,  Southwestern,  Vineyard,
Hawaiin/Beach,  Halloween,  Gothic,  Garden Bliss,  Black & White
A Day in the Country, or maybe Hobby & Sports.  The list is endless.....use your imagination and have fun!
Check out the ideas I have for you below:
Southwestern Wedding:
A Southwest Wedding should incorporate good western ideas. A good choice of colors would be turquoise, gold, and brown. The idea is to be as rustic and rugged as possible, while still feminine.  Think logcabin or Cedar Lodge for an outdoorsy Western feeling.
Think of Sedona, Arizona as your inspiration, which has stunning views of reds and golds mixed with cactus and bright wildflowers in the springtime. For a wedding dress, anything that flows and ideally has lace fabric will work well with a western wedding theme.

Turquoise jewelry is a great pick. Think about earrings, bola ties (very southwest!), and even think about having your bridesmaids wear belts with a turquoise buckle.

Ah yes, cowboy boots and hats. I mean, that's a given, right? I actually think wearing cowboy boots with a soft, feminine dress is pretty awesome.

As for other tips for western wedding decorations, dried flower balls hanging throughout the ceremony are beautiful.  Dried flower mistletoe balls work too.

For western wedding centerpieces I like the thought of making a fool's gold pan by spraypainting rocks into gold and painting on rust colors onto a tin plate. From there, sprinkle flowers, add a candle, or use railroad lanterns. These lanterns are a little hard to find, but it's nothing a click to Ebay can't solve. Otherwise, some potted cactus can do the trick, too.  Or how about old cowboy boots filled with Sunflowers, or even mason jars with bandanas tied around them overflowing with daisies!  Let your imagination run wild!!

For your western wedding theme regarding music - banjos,  harmonicas, or simply enough, guitars and fiddles can sound beautiful for your procession!

Decorate the reception area or the surroundings with bales of hay as one western wedding idea. You can buy them for about $10 apiece, or just ask a really nice farmer in the area if you could borrow some for the event if you're out in the country.
Maybe opt for a cake topper from, where they have a ton of other western cake toppers. For the cake itself, I suggest using chocolate cake or frosting so it matches the brown rustic colors of the reception area.
Use real (or fake!) bull skulls to decorate the outside or inside the venue as an additional western wedding d�cor idea.

 "Alfresco" (Outdoor) Wedding:
So, you're planning an Outdoor Wedding theme and need some outdoor wedding ideas? Awesome!  If you have grass and trees, you're set to use these concepts. Think Gazebo, or a Grassy Knoll.

My favorite colors (which could really be ANY color scheme) are red and orange. I choose these colors because they're sunny and bright, and really stand out against the greenery of the outdoors.

Think about hanging kites throughout the site as an outdoorsy decoration, making elaborate tails from various ribbons and bows. Or hanging lanterns from trees, with the glow of candlelight inside each one, (using battery operated candles) these create a beautiful sunset feel.  Let the beauty around you inspire you!

Wedding favor boxes can be made with orange silk flowers and taking a glue gun to them with red boxes.
For your candle holders I like the idea of using mosaic candles... it's a multitude of colors in mosaic glass with a soft glowing multicolor effect  -  and a little different from traditional candle holders.
I also suggest red lanterns to place on the side of the white chairs, or on Sheppard�s hooks for your aisle, maybe adding a few flowers to them as well. The first of many outdoor wedding ideas is to use as many loud, colorful objects as possible.

Paper lanterns from, and orange tissue paper pom poms that you can actually make yourself.

Hanging flower balls for an outdoor wedding reception idea is another way to create a colorful space.  Lighting is very important for an outdoor wedding � use paper lanterns, candles, twinkle lights, anything that gives a soft glow to your outdoor surroundings.
The parasols and lanterns are available from, which can add so much for whatever outdoor wedding ideas you have!
Tuscan/Vineyard Wedding:

Looking for Vineyard wedding ideas? Can't blame you! Nothing would be more charming than this Tuscan-like look and feel for your wedding.  Who knew cactus and grapes would mix? As I work with this theme, I realize that it's very similar to a country wedding theme, which is very rustic as well. So, if you need further inspiration, check out that page: you can cross-apply many of the same ideas.

Let's talk wedding colors. For colors, start with some rich plum colors, work in green and brown tones, accent with gray, gold or silver.

For food I recommend Greek/Italian--cheese plates, hummus, roasted vegetables, crackers, and perhaps a good pasta dish for the main entree.  

Use railroad lanterns to decorate the tables, which can be found on Ebay.  Baskets on tables filled with cheese and crackers alongside clusters of fresh grapes make not only great centerpieces, but allow your guests waiting your arrival to nibble while they get acquainted with other guests.  Empty wine bottles with candles, and wine glasses with fresh flowers spilling out, also make great table decorations!

For favor and decoration inspiration, you may use ideas to make on your own (like cork candles or wine charms).  You can use many different kinds of flowers, like heather for a country-wedding feel, but I like the idea of using a wheat.
Winter Wonderland:

Winter wedding ideas are full of elegance, definitely  incorporating the snowy, cold weather. The color scheme I love is silver, though I illustrated on the wedding theme ideas page that warm colors could be used, too. If your wedding is around Christmas, then deep shades of green and maroon could look breathtaking.  This sweeping, snowy dress sings of winter!

While some themes include soft, subtle dresses, anything for a winter wedding theme should use beading, embellishments, and other details that play against the silver.  The beautiful dress is by Isa Makino.

Hang snowflakes and crystals from the ceiling and centerpieces for a wintry look.  By the way, I was at the dollar store and found 10 of these glittery snowflakes for a dollar, and the same was true for silver ornaments.
I included many snowflake candleholders I found perusing the internet.
I love the idea of using crystals for winter wedding bouquets. Think about using glitter poinsettias, pinecones, silver organza bows, wreaths, and white Christmas lights to decorate the venue. Try to find a space with large windows to display the snowy scenery outside, since it will open the space and provide much of the decoration for you.

 Rustic/Country Wedding:
When I reference "Country Wedding ideas" I should clarify that I mean rural countryside, not Western--so if you're looking for cowboy boots and hats, then check out the Southwest Theme!
The colors I like here are light pink, lavender, and a touch of yellow namely because I think vintage pink roses, lavender and sunflowers are the best flowers to use for country wedding ideas.  For a country wedding theme, flowers, lighting and scent will be important.
Scent, you ask? Why yes--if you're out in beautiful flowing fields which may or may not have cattle, you'll want floral, herbal scents throughout the site: consider bowls of potpourri and reed diffusers placed on tables and around the wedding venue.
The bridesmaid dresses could be a deep purple color - that fits well for this particular theme. Another option is using cute sundresses, which could be a way to cut costs.

For  flowers, I like the country wedding idea of using wicker baskets to place them in (instead of using a traditional bouquets) for Bridesmaids. That said, I love lavender stock bouquets for this theme as well � clusters of stock tied together for a �fresh garden picked� look.  For your Bridal Bouquet, scent is an absolute must, but keep it soft, like stephanotis, stock, or lilac.

Lighting will be one of the most important aspects of this theme, and there are so many country wedding ideas to fulfill this. Mason jar candle settings are also fantastic for a country wedding theme.

As for food and drink I recommend getting sparkling lemonade in those really pretty bottles, looking something like the ones from Lorina, or Izze � a couple of brands I can think of that have these clever bottles.  If this is a little on the pricey side, then just buy some club soda and make your own using pink and red fruits like strawberries, pomegranates. Then add some lemon and sweetener, and voila--your own pink soda.

On serving food, anything you take in a picnic basket will work well. In fact, one budget wedding idea is to just have one giant sandwich bar where people can select their bread, meat, cheeses, roasted vegetables, and condiments like mustard, pesto, hummus or mayonnaise. Sandwiches are some of the most underrated foods, and I like the ability to customize your own dish to satisfy all of your guests' tastes.
Radiant Summer Wedding:

For Summer themed wedding ideas I like a tropical wedding theme. It�s a different look and feel than a traditional beach, ocean or Hawaiian theme. This one lends heavily to a British Colonial style, complete with wooden animal figurines, Cuban cigars, and exotic patterns.
I think this wedding dress embodies these summer wedding ideas.  For centerpieces I recommend going with a large tropical arrangements using anthurium, or orchids. Choose a patterned table runner, and if possible, do not use table cloths if you have a wooden table. Choose a rectangle table over square, too. Also, find wooden animal carvings and place them around the plant, as well as wooden candle holders like in the gallery.
Try to find a venue that already has a tropical feel--that way, the venue is already decorated with a tropical background. Such a venue would include the Sedgwick County Zoo, or Tanganyika Zoo.

Groomsmen can easily wear a white shirt, khakis, and maybe a safari hat (which can actually look very stylish). Couple that with a cigar bar, and all the men should be willing to go with this theme!
For retail stores that carry the clothes and decor, try Tommy Bahamas, World Market, and the Bombay Company.
If you're looking for wedding favors that fit this theme, your best bet is anything with bamboo, wood, raffia, and so on.
 Hawaiian/Beach Wedding:
Hawaiian wedding ideas are similar to beach themed wedding ideas or any other oceanic setting... with a little twist. Hawaii is known for its gorgeous flowers, seashells and of course, white sand beaches. These enhancements can create a gorgeous wedding.  Here are different takes on Hawaiian themes:

How about a Hawaiian themed wedding idea - based on a �White Hawaiian, - namely using white seashells. Best of all, Hawaiian wedding dresses (which are casual and made of simple fabrics like cotton) cost a fraction of mainland wedding dresses.
Men can wear white shirts and khakis for a Hawaiian wedding.
Seashell wedding items are a nice touch in lieu of traditional white wedding items, like baskets and ring pillows. These Hawaiian wedding ideas take things a step farther: think about a white rose with seashells bouquet.  A seashell tiara like one from an Etsy artist, - Brims and Trims.
While I mention purchasing a few of the seashell things, others can be easily made. Just purchase some shells in bulk, grab a glue gun and some ribbon, and add them to baskets and favor boxes.
The wedding favor boxes are some of the nicest wedding favors I've seen: these are from a Honolulu-based company called
Creations By You.  I love their stuff. Bright enough, right? Hawaiian wedding flower ideas: use colorful Hawaiian/Tropical flowers!  Such as Plumerias, orchids, birds of paradise, hibiscus and others � all are part of the tropical flower family. Maybe fresh leis for you and your bridesmaids, and tuck a few flowers in your hair. Flowers will undoubtedly take up much of your wedding budget for a Hawaiian wedding theme, but it'll look beautiful.

Next tip: carefully design your arch. If you're getting married outside, you're going to want to use one. Add shells, organza, flower balls, and other things to the arch. This will be the Hawaiian backdrop for your ceremony and pictures, so make it special!

For food and drink, daiquiris and other tropical drinks will be a great pick. For food, make some seafood kabobs. Or, just have an assortment of fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood so people can make their own--it's like a tropical version of fondue, and way fun.
Music for the ceremony might be somewhat tricky if you're outside, but the combination of a ukulele, guitar and/or harp player could be gorgeous.
Mystic/Halloween Wedding:
I've got a secret--I wasn't too enthusiastic about Halloween wedding ideas since I wasn't sure how it could be pulled off. But, as I began creating more and more Halloween weddings, I now think this is one of my favorites!
Halloween wedding decorations are more than just dressing up, candy and frivolity. It can be refined, elegant, eccentric, and you can easily make your wedding the best Halloween ever. I hope you have as much fun delving into Halloween wedding ideas as I had with creating them.
For wedding colors, you don't have to stick with just black and orange. In fact, treat some other colors, like a burgundy, chocolate, or maroon color on an equal level as orange. Autumn receptions invite warm colors, so use 'em. 

Clearly, lighting is going to be one of the most important factors of Halloween wedding ideas: use tea candles and candelabras. For candelabras, we have them to rent, or scour thrift stores for old gold and silver ones.
For food and drink, pumpkins are a natural choice for a Halloween wedding theme. Have seeds, soups, breads, or even cupcakes. Even pumpkin beer is an option.  Include some orange truffles.
Halloween wedding decorations using mini or carved pumpkins and gourds are easy centerpieces. Also, tree branch centerpieces with hanging tea candles are gorgeous for this theme.
If you or a friend has a black cat, think about including him in the wedding! Many people lovingly add their pets into the celebration, and a black cat haunting the premise could be way fun... just make sure they have a nice quiet corner and doesn't spook easily. Otherwise, this could be one of many cute Halloween wedding ideas.

To light the way to the ceremony, use carved pumpkins and luminaries along the path. Curly willow centerpieces are great for Halloween--just stick some mini pumpkins around the vase, add orange flowers, hang orange, purple or maroon candles from the branches, and you're set!
For candy, yes, you can get customized wedding candy in black and orange... but it's Halloween! Candy during this time of year is usually colored in black and orange, so why pay more? Hershey kisses are an example of how Halloween wedding decorations can be super-easy. Sooo, as a Halloween wedding favor idea, just take orange Chinese food takeout boxes, tie a cute black ribbon on it, fill it with candy and you're set.
While some reception themes lend to buying customized items, Halloween wedding theme ideas can easily be fulfilled with a trip to the craft store.
 Gothic/Medieval Wedding:
For a Goth wedding theme, choose colors of red, gold and black.  To successfully pull off  this theme, focus on venue, furniture, and lighting. Yep, I said furniture!  Thankfully, standard ballroom chairs look great with this theme, but I would ask relatives, friends, and lastly, rent antique furniture like the chaise lounge and place them throughout the venue. Maybe add a side table with some antique books.
While I sometimes question wedding dresses in colors other than white, this is the absolute best theme to have a black or red wedding dress. The Gothic wedding dresses in the picture are from the website, Gothic Wedding They make some truly awesome dresses. Another thought is to research stores like Group USA which can also cover gothic wedding ideas. They specialize in prom dresses, actually. Now, the only reason I mention prom dresses is because they tend to be a lot less expensive... Elizabethan-style: beading, glowing skirts, colorful, etc.  So, a beautiful prom dress fits the theme well while costing a fraction of a wedding dress. Just some food for  thought, there.

Gargoyles are pretty awesome, and I'd think about getting a few figurines to place on church pews or throughout the reception area. Because such figurines are not readily advertised on traditional wedding websites, then there's always EBay!
Like with the Halloween wedding theme, candelabras are going to be pretty important. Track em down at thrift and antique stores. They might look ugly in the store, but they will look stunning at the reception.
Fill your altar with lit candles. For a Goth wedding, there is no such thing as too many candles. Seriously, even if your wedding is a year from now, start buying pillar candles for the big day. Do not skimp on these gothic wedding ideas regarding lighting!
If your groom is adventurous enough to wear a top hat, try to get him to do so!
For wedding flowers your work is practically done for you since you need nothing more than a bouquet of red roses. Believe it or not, black roses are sold - we have �em!. Well, kind of - Two types of black roses called black baccara and black magic are available, which look very, very dark to the point of being black.  theme.  We can even stick dried roses in a bouquet of fresh red roses, and you have a black and red bouquet as your gothic wedding idea.

Black Lighting will be one of the most important aspects of this theme.  Use it.

I also like the look of a rich gold for this theme, which is why you may want to add box of Godiva chocolates in your decor. It adds some opulence.  For some reason, visions of an old library come into my head... so you might consider that also. For example:

For one of many wedding reception centerpiece ideas, I thought using old antique books would be really awesome, and pretty easy. Just take about 3 of them, put a dripping candle stick on top of it, and maybe use some marble candle holders around them. I don't know if you want to use plastic skulls or not, but placing one atop the book might look nice.
Placing a lantern on the table could be part of centerpiece ideas for a wedding with a Goth twist. Like I said, lighting would be big with this theme. Keep it as dim and candle-lit as possible!
Think quirky and fun, for this baroque-like wedding theme!

Homemade wedding favor ideas can be used in this Goth wedding: the little tan clasp box on the table is from Michael's, and they're only about a dollar each. Take an exacto-knife, carve a few swirl designs in them, and then paint them the desired color in either blood-red, black, or whatever. Fill them with candy or other small things.
Cello music is haunting, soulful, and in the right reception area can really resonate beautiful music. Think about hiring one to play during the wedding reception. If you're looking for any type of music, then as a gothic wedding idea use baroque music.
Garden Terrace Wedding:

Garden wedding ideas are easy with a gorgeous green background. For venue options, botannical gardens and lush backyards are perfect for an inexpensive wedding filled with greenery.

For colors, you can really choose any color that flowers grow... which is pretty much any color! Opt for a subtle green background with vibrant hues of mixed flowers like sunflowers and daisies.

 I love this wedding dress from Atelier Aimee, well-suited for garden wedding ideas based on the fabric and flower embellishments. It's casual but elegant at the same time, and moves well.
You could choose a fresh flower hairpiece with fabric crystals -which I find lovely.
For table seating ideas, I've seen brides use berries with flags for a garden wedding favor idea; in August, berries are in season.
Gazebos are such a great altar to use for garden weddings; check if your venue has one; otherwise, I think they can be rented at Ray Party Rental.
Flower wreaths are easy to adorn throughout the venue, including as a church pew decoration (or in the case of an outdoor wedding, aisle decoration).
Garden wedding centerpieces are simple--just place potted flowers or planters on the table, or vases of flowers for a cleaner look. I also like the idea of using moss, nests, and birdcages, too. Potted herbs are aromatic and could look lovely as well. Drawing from nature will create the best centerpieces for this look, so feel free to accumulate acorns, seeds, twigs, and leaves--place them in clear vases and you've got a simple, stunning centerpiece.
Elegant/Exquisite Wedding:
I truly think Elegant wedding ideas can create one of the more unique wedding themes. I like teal, gold, and silver. Other themes I've made with an elegant look would be the Christmas wedding theme, Halloween wedding theme and gothic wedding theme. I think the peacock wedding theme is lovely, too. I'd suggest these colors and styles for any type of winter wedding themes, actually, though the look can work well in all seasons.
Whimsical Christmas Wedding:

Christmas wedding ideas are full of color and spirit. You can really use a number of color combinations, from white and silver, or gold and ivory or, as the theme page illustrates, winter wedding ideas can be silver and warm colors.
In the case of the Christmas wedding ideas below, use traditional colors of gold, silver and green with a hint of red.For Christmas wedding invitations, I like hanging the tags shown in the picture (it's the tag marked "JOY"), and the artist's shop is called
Sunshine and Ravioli... really cute stuff.
I love the idea of using muffs adorned with a few flowers as bridesmaid�s bouquets!

With jewelry, I'd say the bride should wear silver and the bridesmaids wear gold, maybe with red or green accents. The ruby chandelier earrings are from Myra Elizabeth.
Christmas wedding favor ideas are SO easy, since your favor boxes already look like little Christmas packages! Otherwise, give Christmas ornaments in your colors tied with ribbons.  Another Christmas wedding idea is to have a Christmas tree, which functions two-fold: people can place their wedding gifts to you under the tree, or you could ask people to take an ornament off the tree home as a gift. Easy!
I like chocolate as a gift idea, and Ghirardelli has wedding favors that already look like little Christmas boxes.
Drinks are pretty easy... eggnog! Add a small candy cane to it for an extra-Christmassy feel.
Casual/Informal Wedding:

Sometimes in the midst of planning, you just heave a sigh and say, "all I want are Casual wedding ideas. I don't want lace, frills, or the headache of a formal wedding." I completely agree. Thankfully, there are many ways to have a casual wedding full of inexpensive wedding ideas, too. I've written a few low-budget, laid back themes already in backyard wedding ideas and budget wedding ideas which is full of ways to cut costs while still looking elegant.
With in my "casual wedding ideas", I'm talking really casual. We've got board games, picnic baskets, and coffee bar action, here, all set with a purple color outdoor theme.  If there's a favorite haunt of yours at a cafe and your wedding party is relatively small, consider renting that venue.

The first casual wedding ideas discussed will be going picnic style. One way to handle food is by making picnic baskets for your guests. On the RSVP forms, include the types of sandwiches, wraps, and toppings you could provide. Then, when they arrive, they'll go to their table with a picnic basket full of things to make sandwiches like rolls, tortilla wraps or pita, along with cold cuts, avocados, hummus, mustard, chips, and other things. A handmade sandwich can taste as good as any cut of rib with quality ingredients like crunchy baguettes and fancy cheeses. Sandwiches do not have to be low-grade.
Instead of an alcohol bar, consider a coffee bar (especially if during the day!). Ask for an early housewarming gift of an espresso maker, hire a few baristas, and have guests order their favorite coffee beverages. Personally, I would take a good latte over a good margarita any time. Kids can have "steamers" (milk with flavored syrup), apple juice, hot chocolate, and other things.
The best place for a casual wedding dress is
BCBG. Their collection had about 5 white dresses I thought were adorable, and they also make for inexpensive wedding dresses, too.
The bright and colorful bridesmaid dress can offset the simplicity of your own: this one is from
For casual wedding reception ideas, I thought it would be great to play some sort of sports like football or softball. The groom's family could play against the bride, for some fun reward like, "winner makes dinner for the first month of marriage" or something similar.
The best weddings are ones that are personalized. Think about getting a projector and playing a documentary assembled by guests. Ask your maid of honor to videotape all of the couples there, asking them for their tips on how to make a marriage work. The answers could be touching, funny, or thought-provoking. Then, she (or whoever she knows that's handy with a video-editing program) can assemble it and play it for the bride at the reception. One projector can go a long way--it can do so much more than just show baby pictures of the couple (though I always liked seeing those!). I think one of the BEST weddings are the ones that are personalized and thoughtful. It's one way to get the whole group involved in the big day. 

Maybe have a karaoke machine, or hook up a Playstation and get people involved in a Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero tournament. If you do serve alcohol, this could make the party ten times more interesting. Hopefully you and your family don't take themselves too seriously!  

Games are a great way to lighten the mood at events. Consider placing a classic board game at the tables.
While a little more expensive, renting a photobooth is a great casual wedding idea that can make a great souvenir of funny, endearing photos.
Budget/Economical Wedding:
Budget wedding ideas are no different than regular wedding ideas... they just require a little more creativity and research.  Hopefully you can now understand how no one "theme" constitutes a budget wedding in its entirety: it's made of a ton of little choices all along the wedding planning process. Budget wedding ideas are identical to regular wedding planning.
But, I understand this doesn't exactly help you find ways to cut costs. So I'm going to suggest a wedding theme using inexpensive wedding ideas.
To save money on dresses: let your bridesmaids pick their own dress within certain constraints, like "get any cream colored tea-length dress, and run it by me before getting it." This gives them the flexibility to choose a reusable dress and they foot the bill. I was thrilled when my daughter-in-law did this for my daughters white bridesmaid dress! I spent $30 and found something adorable. Regarding wedding dresses, look on EBay, Craigslist, and places that sell prom dresses. If you really want a name brand, then try renting it.
Oh, I love garden tied bouquets � Assorted fresh seasonal flowers tied up in a �messy� fashion, and a lot less expensive than the traditional ones.  The key is to use flowers that are in season during your wedding month, and give your florist the freedom to create!  A flower Hairpiece works very nicely as well.
Parasols and candle holders from
Luna Bazaar are perfect for inexpensive yet fun and fancy!
With the theme above, I incorporated a few tricks by using items that take up a lot of room, are colorful, yet inexpensive. One of a few budget wedding ideas is to use open parasols by the altar, give fans to your bridesmaids, and making flower balls. None of these cost much money, but they really fill out your venue space on the cheap.
Making a cupcake wedding cake is another budget wedding ideas that creates a delicious, yet inexpensive wedding cake. Consider making the cupcakes the night before and research a few cupcake ideas beforehand. Better yet, Michael's offers cake decorating classes: go to a few of them for fun and make an evening of it with your bridesmaids.
For unique wedding centerpiece ideas that are also inexpensive, use objects that are large in space but expensive, like different sized crystal bowls found at thrift stores. Fill them up with water and add floating candles and flower petals. Sprinkle glass marbles in your wedding colors, a few additional candles, and you're good to go. I recommend using a textured table runners, too, since it adds detail to the table.
Another budget wedding idea for the table is to make fun napkin rings. If you're using white dishes, make your table pop with some color by gluing a silk flower onto a strip of paper, wrap it around your napkin, and let dry. It's easy but again, adds color and texture at a low price.
Use beverages as a way to enhance color. In the case of this theme, pink lemonade is easy, though it could just as easily be using mint leaves with a green theme or using red punch for a red theme. Having a colored beverage can substitute for the colors that expensive flowers provide.
For table decorations, check out our DIY option!!

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