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Your Floral Consultation Tips and Style Quiz:

Congrats! Your wedding planning is the most exciting, fun filled, joyful, memorable, (and sometimes frustrating) journey you will ever embark on. We want to help make your adventure more about having fun, rather than just trying to complete the task at hand. So, to that end, we have created a fun little endeavor for you:

Please read the consultation tip below, and then have fun taking the "What's your Style" quiz to see just what Bridal style you favor, that will help me to direct you down the path that you will be the most happy adventuring on. And together, we will map out your flower blueprint, from beginning to end. So, let's have some fun!

Consultation Tip:
When you come for your first consultation with The Flower Factory, please be sure to bring any photos or clippings that you've collected, fabric swatches, and any other elements you are considering making a part of your wedding day. This will enable us to get a better sense of exactly what you're imagining for your ceremony and celebration so that we can work with you to create floral designs that are unique to you and express your own personality.

Some brides come to us with a very clear sense of exactly what they imagine for their wedding day. That's great! But did you know that purple Irises tend to photograph blue? Or that Calla Lilies, if not properly prepared, can leak at the stem and create a ghost stain on your bridal gown that will show up hours later? Anemones are extremely thirsty and must have a continuous water source, and a Gerbera Daisy will actually drown in too much water. We can review your ideas and go over any possible "issues" that might come up, such as out-of-season blooms that might prove to be prohibitively expensive or the possibility that some flowers are natural "wilters" and might not be the best choice for a sunny outdoor wedding. We know how to treat and prepare certain blooms that could otherwise be a problem and we can take steps to tame the fussier blooms that tend to have a mind of their own.  Now, all that being said,  let's see what your style is:

 Style Quiz:
1. When my guests see my wedding decor, I want them to think:
a) Simple yet hip

b) Rustic yet Elegant

c) Regal and refine

2. My dream wedding location is:

a) A penthouse loft

b) A beautiful garden

c) A European castle

3. When it comes to my gown, I say:

a) Elegant and casual

b) Sleek and chic

c) Bring on the ball gown

4. My favorite kind of headpiece is:

a) Just a veil

b) A fresh flower

c) A tiara or crystal hairpins

5. The color palette I was thinking of is:

a) Ivory and white or Pastels

b) Earth tones

c) Hot colors


6. When I'm walking down the aisle, I'd like to be carrying a bouquet like this. (Done in my own wedding colors, of course):


a)                                                  b)                                     c)

7. Your reception location is most similar to:
a) A smartly appointed ballroom in a hotel

b) A rustic barn among rolling hills

c) A white tent on a grassy knoll

8. Which of the following best describes your home decor style?

a) You have a few classic pieces that make every move you do. When surrounded with cleanliness and a few meaningful accessories, you are a happy camper.

b) You take your design inspiration from nature. Earthy hues permeate your home. You love a handful of weed/flowers you pulled on your morning run, now placed on your table.

c) Your home is your haven, and you like to surround yourself with comfort. Plenty of pillows, a cozy blanket and a big comfy chair, along with a good book are all you need.

9. What does your dress look like?

a) Modern, it has clean lines and not much lace or embellishments.

b) A simple sheath. You want to be able to move about at your reception with ease, and dance the night away without hauling around a bulky dress.

c) A ball gown complete with a petticoat. This is your fairy-tale come true �C you need to look like a princess for the day that you are.

10. Your favorite flowers are those listed below:

a) Callas, Roses, Lillies, - flowers that make a statement

b) Sunflowers, Zinnias, Daisies, anything that you could grow in your own garden

c) Peonies, Tulips, Stephanotis, Gardenias, Orchids, and other fragrant flowers

11. If finances were not a factor, your honeymoon plans would take you to:

a) A tropical island where the palm trees sway. You and your spouse would enjoy a couple of weeks of beach-style rest with the ocean tapping at your toes and a cool drink in your hand.

b) An Outdoor adventure. The Australian outback, a sparsely populated tropical island, or the wilds of Alaska - it doesn't really matter where the plane lands as long as you have your spouse, a good pair of hiking boots, and your trusty backpack.

c) Paris, where romance was surely invented! You'd book a room in a quaint hotel overlooking the River Seine and spend your days strolling hand in hand.

Hope you had fun taking our little "style quiz"!
Ok, now let's take a look at your answers:
­Do you have mostly A's, B's, or C's??

{And don't worry if your answers are split between 2 or even all 3 catagories, - that tells us that you are pretty easy-going, and open to several options.}

Now see your style below:
If your answers were mostly A's, then you prefer "Simple yet Elegant":
Simple/Elegant Style:
Your dream wedding includes several traditional elements updated with your own sense of style. A simple bouquet can be classic or modern, embellished with a few accent flowers, or clean and minimal. The intrinsic beauty of flowers shines in simple-style bouquets. Picture a posy of barely open roses, an armful of calla lilies, a handful of creamy-white tulips dotted with a few sprigs of chartreuse lady's-mantle, or a single orchid.

Simple is the perfect word for summing up the centerpieces that you love. Often monochromatic, your favorite centerpieces are arranged in geometric, unadorned containers. Their clean lines and refined color palette make a dramatic statement. Top your tables with a glass cube packed with pink roses or a simple cylinder brimming with white calla lilies or stems of delicate pastel orchids.
If your answers were mostly B's, then you prefer "Natural and Rustic":
Natural Style:
Fresh is best when it comes to flowers in your book. In the perfect world, you would gather all the blossoms for your bouquet from a friend's garden, but your practical side knows that it is best to leave the arranging to your trusted floral designer. Natural style has a "just picked" look that can take on a prairie feel or an English garden sensation depending on the blossoms you choose. For a prairie-inspired bouquet, think grasses, black-eyed Susans, purple coneflowers, echinops, and various berries and seedpods. For a petal-rich spin on natural style, call on sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, larkspurs, delphiniums, peonies, tulips, and herbs.

Your favorite centerpieces have a laid-back look. Found containers, such as galvanized buckets, wooden boxes, or a collection of old flowerpots, are perfect supports for your unstructured arrangements. A natural-style centerpiece might be a handful of peonies loosly arranged in a blue canning jar adorned with a ribbon, or a collection of fresh-cut herbs in a moss-covered wire basket. Take inspiration from your reception site when designing natural-style centerpieces.

If your answers were mostly C's, then you prefer Romance and Enchantment!
Romantic Style:
Fragrant, petal-packed flowers capture your heart. Romantic-style bouquets are lush with blossoms and often sweetly scented. Think floral abundance when envisioning your bouquet. Complement the blossoms with light and airy greenery and sprigs of berries. Large round bouquets and cascading arrangements are both perfect fits for your style. Flowers that are sure to please your romantic ways include garden roses, peonies, lilies-of-the-valley, orchids, and sweet peas.

Romantic centerpieces overflow with blossoms. Tuck your luxurious arrangements into ornate containers such as stone urns, crystal vases, and silver compotes. Be sure to include flowers that will spill over the edge and sprinkle extra blossoms on the tabletop.
Whatever your personal style is, we are ready to help you make your wedding day all you dreamed it to be! Call us today for your free consultation @ 316-262-9202! BTW, don't forget to check our "Coupon" category, our "DIY" category, and of course our new "Borrowed Bride" category!!!
Grab your planner book and let"s get started!!!
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