Our "Borrowed Bride" Boutique

Borrow items for your wedding from our "Borrowed Bride Boutique" @ no charge what-so-ever!!!!
Over the last year, partly due to the current economy in the USA, we have seen first hand, that life doesn't always happen the way we plan, and even a dream wedding can become a financial nightmare!  We understand, and want to help. 
To that end, we are launching a new program to help our Brides ease the financial stress of their weddings. 
The "Borrowed Bride Boutique".  (A little room in our shop that will have lots of wedding "odds-n-ends" for you to borrow).
This program will allow our future Brides to borrow such items as: Vases, Bows, Silks,Vase Stones, Ribbons, Candles, etc. from our Borrowed Bride Boutique for NO...CHARGE what-so-ever. Borrowing. 
We are currently accepting donations of items from past Brides that they have/had leftover from their own weddings.   
We appreciate all donations!  What a great way to "give back" to future Brides who need a little extra $$ help. 
In addition, we have made available for the Borrowed Bride Boutique many of our own vases, vase stones, bows, pew clips, etc., for borrowing.  We truly do LOVE our Brides!! 
We realize that servicing our customers is about long term relationships, and not just about dollars, but more about "cents"(sense) - it just make good "sense" to pass on to one and other the help in life that we all need  sometimes.....a "pay it forward" so to speak.  Forming friends and relationships that last beyond the moment, but for the future, when a Bride who was helped may be able to help another Bride.
**This program will be open to and help ALL our Brides.**
 It will help ALL Brides, but even more so, those Brides who have special financial circumstances or who have events in their lives which have caused them financial distress.
In the past, we have had Brides whom have had unexpected tragedy in their lives such as - lost their jobs, a parents job, home eviction, $$ they put down on venues that swindled them, family deaths, unexpected pregnancy, etc...the list is quiet long.
We wanted to fill a need to help these Brides still have the wedding they dreamed of, without the financial stress.  
We are honored to be a part of Brides helping Brides. 
Please feel free to ask about this borrowing program when you come in for your consultation, as we are happy to pass along the savings!!!!! 
We want you to feel free to borrow any of the items in our Borrowed Bride Boutique for your own wedding, and we are happy to lend them!!!  Our past Brides are happy to pass along to you the items they have donated for your borrowing, and I am sure God will richly bless them for their kindness. 
What a fun and awesome program for our Brides!!!!  Thanks Ladies!!  You all rock!!!  I hope this program grows and grows, and blesses many Brides.  Also, thanks to everyone for all the wonderful donations!!!!
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